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did they happen to mention anything about what type of 'scarring' this is?from a bleed or old injury or anything more specific?are they going to be doing an MRI on your brain at the next visit or what?you most definitely need an MRI with contrast done to really check out the most obvious types of scarring MRA would also be helpful if this scarring is actually from some level of bleed or you actually have a copy of the CT results in your possession?if not,get one,and then start getting copies of all and any other tests you may have in the future.after the first or second month of seeing docs,or sooner depending on just how often and how many different docs you have seen,start obtaining ALL and every scrap of paper generated on your docs visits for this me here when i say that in some cases,you will be glad you have your own set of you medical records,full records including all testing results.then just keep everything in an expandable type folder that can go with you to every doc visit or in the event something happens(you just never know) you have all your important medical documents all in one spot and can just go to an ER or whatever and all the ER docs will know all of your latest issues and the test results,which will just give them a very very impotant baseline to work from.this is really crucial for you and will get you the best most informed medical care only because they have all of your medical history and tests right in hand.

but honestly,getting that MRI done with contrast on your brain will really give them the most beneficial info at this just need to know whats up and what took place that actually caused some level of actual scarring.i do wish you luck with this and please keep us posted on what you find out.Marcia

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