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Hi, first time post! So here's what happening to me. I've had a constant headache on the right side of my head for around 5 months. I have it all day everyday though it tend to be worse in the morning and then later in the afternoon. It hurts more when i sneeze, cough etc. Went to my GP and we tried sumatriptan for migranes which did nothing and therefore concluded that it wasn't that! Then she tried pizotfen for cluster headaches, but again did nothing except make me more tired! Im 23 and used to be really active etc and now I cant stay awake for a full day. About 7 weeks ago my left arm and leg started to get pins and needles and twich - like a little shake. So my GP sent me to a neurologist who told me there was nothing serious to worry about but he'd send me for an MRI to be sure - which i had on Friday. Seeing as no one had got back to me straight away then I'm thinking its nothing serious, which is excellent. But anyone got any ideas what it may be? Also my GP seems to be out of ideas so do i just keep going and trying medication til i find one that works?

Thanks everyone!

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