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Yes sometimes it does seem to be that I do just see things incorrectly but sometimes it is more an "out of the corner of my eye" kind of thing. I noticed years ago that if I saw a picture or scene with a lot going on in it I could not make sense of what I saw right away and others seemed to be able to. The other day I was in my kitchen and I was home alone and I swer I saw a blond woman out of the corner of my eyes, standing in my living room.I jumped and turned twards the living room and ther was no one there but the vision was so realistic that I knew it was a woman and she was blond. I knew it was not real but it made me so nervious I had to call my husband at work and talk to him for a few minutes so I could calm down....seems I will hallucinate easily too because when they gave me Ambein to make me sleep I stayed up half the night hallucinating my butt off. My stuffed animals were moving and my houseplant was crawling up the wall, lol. Was very interesting but did little to help me rest. As I do believe in the spirit world these kinds of things are rather frightening for me because if I am seeing things or hearing things my mind always it just in my head or is it paranormal? I get very nervous at night. I do realise I am just having sensaions from my overactive brain, I'm not nutty but it just gives me the creeps ya know. In the dark te flashing greenish light in my left feild of vision can really annoy me too.....we started sleeping with a very low light on and that made it not keep me awake anymore.
These things sound so strange and people tend to dismiss or make assumptions about things they do not understand, I was treated like I had a mental health problem for so many years even though everytime I ended up in an ER saying I had a problem they found something....I never went to a doctor complaining of a problem and had them say I was just fine. It took me having a grandMal seizure, bleeding from my mouth and peeing on myself to get people to take me seriously and even then most doctors treated me as thought either it was a "suedo seizure" from anxiety or I was doing something to myself to cause it...even though my sister was already having them for a few years at that point. When I went to a neuro and she did an EEG and then told me I did indeed have a seizure disorder of some kind and that it was coming from somewhere in the back of my brain...THEN I was considered to actually have a physical problem. Then my husband cried because all doubts were removed. Even still my friends don't get it...they hurt my feelings all the time by telling me "oh you're fine just go get a job and start driving, stop making excuses" The meds that control my seizures have distroyed my memory and taken away all my creativity and it really hurts that no one understands what I feel. They think since right no I am not hving seizures so far I should put it behin me and get on with my of my greatest passions in life was writing and now I can barely make a three line poem to save my butt. It's heartbreaking....I'm sorry I do not mean to ramble on so much. I thank you for answering my post, it sounds as if we have much in common but we may have diffrent disorders or what have you...have you had an EEG? Well take care and thanks again..

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