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Okay, I've been in your shoes!! It SUCKS!! My story, I went in for what my doctor said was a routine CT scan, due to my worsening migraines. He said it's nothing to worry about, yada yada.. So I thought fine, no big deal. I had my CT scan done two weeks later, didn't give it a second thought. Two days after I had it done the nurse from my doctors office called saying he needed to see me NOW, like RIGHT NOW. So I book it to the doctors, thinking the whole time "OMG I have a brain tumor!! I'm gonna die!! OMG!!". He said they found what they thought was a brain aneurysm and they were sending me off base (my husband is in the Army) to the hospital in town to have an angiogram done that day, and if they thought it was necessary they would also do an MRI.. GREAT.. So I go do the angiogram, they said, "Okay, were your gonna go have an MRI now.." Again, I"m like OMG, it's something HORRIBLE!! I"m gonna die, OMG!!" So they do the MRI and send me home, providing NO info.. I call my doc, leave a message.. He calls me back saying "Well, it's not an aneurysm, but there IS a "spot" there and I'm sending you to Seattle to see a neurosurgeon." (That's the closest one to me since I'm in Fairbanks Alaska.) He didn't explain what this "spot" was, nothing, just called it a spot.. So I got to wait form the beginning of March, to the end of April, knowing nothing about what was going on in my brain. And to make matters worse, they were still referring to it as an aneurysm!! So I finally get in to see the neurosurgeon and he said it's NOTHING to worry about! Just some mild dilation in the artery, and some slight calcification.. I worried about this "spot", almost driving myself insane, for almost 2 months, and it turned out to be NOTHING!! So the moral of the story, worrying won't do a thing for you!! Just sit back and try to chill out. I KNOW it's hard, but what else can you do?? Wondering all the "what ifs" will only drive you mad!! I hope the doctor gets back to you soon and is able to give you a bit more clarification on this. Please keep us updated on what's going on!!

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