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Hi Barb, I will pray for you and your friend. My father was diagnosed with a brain tumor (4.6 cm) about a month before he passed away. He had a multitude of health problems, the worst - next to the tumor - was copd. He also had emphysema, diabetes, high blood pressure, lower lumbar stenosis. He kept getting infections once admitted to the hospital. He was admitted on 4/4 and passed on 6/6. He had a stroke a year before and we thought his weakness and inability to walk was due to his recovery and the pain in his back. He's always complained about his back and we were scheduled to see his doctor a few days after he was admitted and he told me he was going to ask about his back. He was never one to complain, but that hindered his care. I told him in the hospital, 'dad, please tell us what's bothering you.'

After a month in the hospital, the doctors (neurologist) wanted to look further and do a head scan because they didn't understand why he wasn't getting better and was getting weaker. My dad had a heck of a time in the hospital. He started in ER, then hospital, then living center, then ER, then hospital, then living center, then ER, then hospital, then ICU, then back to hospital. By then we had no time or desire to move him to hospice.

My thoughts and prayers are with your friend. My dad was on steroids to reduce the swelling in his brain. He was unable to even have biopsy surgery due to his multiple infections. His wbc was always 18 or higher. One point it was 28. Prior to going to the hospital he was unable to walk but a few feet and that was very shaky. He started sleeping a lot and my mom said he looked dazed and like he was daydreaming. By the time he passed he could barely move. The last week or so he could only get a whisper out so it was hard to communicate. He couldn't write either.

Brain tumors, whether benign or not, are very dibiletating (sp?). Because of the size and swelling, the tumor pushes on areas that control functions. my dad's was in the front right lobe which controlled motor skills.

take care

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