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thanks for responding so quickly! i can't find my complete list (naturally!) of what my Dad had been taking, but this is what i remember off the top of my head...

dactinomycin (chemo)
carmustine (chemo)
hydroxyurea (chemo)
hycodan (cough)
marinol (to stimulate his appetite)
phenergan (nausea & vomiting)
reglan (nausea & vomiting)
xanax (anxiety)
senokot (constipation)
oxycodone (pain)
a.b.h. - mix of ativan, haldol, and benadryl - (nausea & vomiting)
nexium (indigestion)
zofran (anxiety)

obviously, he didn't take all the meds at once, and some he didn't even take every day. i don't think there was anything else, but i'm not sure...

for a few years, he'd been taking lipitor for high cholesterol, but about a month before his brain surgery he quit taking it.

he completely quit taking:

everything else was to be taken as needed, except for oxycontin, which they told him to take every 8 hours, and oxycodone, which they told him to take every 2 hours for breakthrough pain. they also prescribed remeron, but i am pretty sure he never had a chance to take it before the seizure.

anyway, i'm looking for anything right now. if you have any theories at all, please don't hesitate to share! thanks

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