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[COLOR="DarkRed"][/COLOR]I finally gave in and had an MRI I had been burying my head in the sand about and procrastinating for a good 2 years. It always seemed that it didn't matter what the MRIs and other tests said, I have never been able to find ANY doctor willing to take my case. After so much frustration with 'modern medicine', I had found a semi-successful balance of managing the pain and symptoms on my own, only rarely resorting to rx meds.

Recently I had noticed new symptoms and an steady increase in pain, hence the MRI. Just after the scan, I went into the booth to confirm with the tech that all the images came out clearly. She pulled them up and scrolled through them with me. I had a brain and neck MRI done, the 2 lesions in my neck previously had to be pointed out to me, and to me always looked so similar to the rest of my anatomy. This time, no one had to point or say anything. As she scrolled over the images, I could clearly see a huge tumor glowing white in my neck. She nervously looked at her computer and back at me and said that all the images were clear and that my dr. would call me soon.

Now, I wait. And I am not sleeping. I realize I can not keep my head in the sand any longer. These new symptoms I had been ignoring are no doubt valuable. The constant sense of pressure in my throat. The increase in pain. The migraines. I have waited with this inside me for years, and now, has caught up to me and someone will agree to take it (or them) out. Fingers crossed, will have the skill to safely take them out. Instead of ushering me to the door. Yelling at me that if they can't do it, it can't be done. Or that those aren't supposed to grow there.

At least I finally took the MRI. I wish I could know now and not have to wait wait wait. Maybe then I would sleep. I am raising my 4 completely unforgiving sons alone, they will have no tolerance for tired mommy come morning.

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