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About three months ago i was constipated and i was straining a lot, one time i strained really hard and felt a sharp tingling as wellas a short acute pain on the back of my head. I didnt think anything of it but i strained again and the same thing happened again but worse. Ever since then ive had pressure in th eback of myhead coming and going and its really starting to hurt. It feels like someones linching mu skull, also my visions been disturbed, theres a ringing in my ears, a 1.5 cm lump on the side of my head, and it feels like my skull is bleeding on the inside and ive been FORGETTING THINGS i normally would recall easily. I really hope nothing is happening to my brain as im 16 and really starting to worry. It seems to me like micro blood vessels have popped or ruptured or something. Could this possibly cause brain damage? Please answer the doctor just tells me its a headache from stress but i know its not!

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