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I'm a 30 yr old female and I've had this sensation of a nail going through my brain along with a twitching feeling. It's a very sharp pain, and doesn't usually last but for a few seconds. I have no other effects throughout my body while it's happening, but it makes my eye close because of the pain, depending on which side of the brain it's happening on determins which eye closes. It seems to help slightly if I rub my head on the spot where the spasm/pain is occuring though..

This is the strange part.

I haven't felt this for a number of years, and nothing in particular triggers it. Last week, my lower left side of my face, close to my mouth started twitching and feeling numb, as if it was harder for me to speak. Then my lower lip would start twitching. This was happening on and off for a few days and now the brain pain/spasms have started on the right side of my head, but the occasional numbness on my face has stopped.

I'm unsure what this means and I've tried finding all sorts of things on the internet to read up about what this may be, but none of the symptoms I'm reading are anything like what I'm currently experiencing. The numbing on the left side of my face starts right below my cheek bone and goes all the way down to my jaw. I'm unsure if the two are related in some way, or if either of these are comon occurances in other people, or if this is even something I should be worrying about..

Any help from anyone on here who has any idea of what may be happening here would be SO helpful in helping me determine which steps I should take next. :)

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