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Thank you so much, that helps alot. Yes mine will be for pituitary surgery to remove a tumor. not sure of the differences between the surgeries you described. But thank you~
There is a difference so it is important to know what kind your surgeon does. The edonasal is directly through the nose and the newest type of pituitary surgery. No incision, just directly to the sinus cavity behind the nose, less invasive and therefore less chance of infection, etc. The older, more traditional is sublabial where an incision is made under the upper lip. A speculum is placed under the lip into a surgically created tunnel. From what I have read, the nose has to be packed, drink through a straw, and healing is slower, and there is a greater chance of infection. Since I did NOT have that kind of surgery, I couldn't tell you how it really is. As I said earlier, mine was done with the direct approach, through the nose. Your surgeon should be telling you all of this. If not, maybe you could look for another surgeon. There is LOTS of information available out there and I did LOTS and LOTS of research before my surgery. One of the things I read over and over again was to get a pituitary SPECIALIST and that the exerience of your surgeon is critical to the outcome of your surgery. I also attended a support group for pituitary patients in the Southern CA area. No money, no joining anything, just people that get together and share helpful information, which has been extremely informative and supportive. I suggest that you look for one, or ask your surgeon if there is one in your area, or even ask if you can talk to his/her other pituitary patients. Again, please get armed with all the information you can. Do you know what type of pituitary tumor you have? Mine was a 2.5cm, macroadenoma, non-secreting and surgery was needed. There are several types and they come in different sizes. Some can be treated with drugs. Any mention of that option? Diana

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