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Two weeks ago I went to see my ENT doctor thinking that I was having a problem w/ my inner ear due to elevation. We had been in the mountains of New Mexico. I was experiencing dizziness (as if I were standing up in a boat) and everything is hazy. I had also fallen twice. He couldn't find anything by just doing a routine exam so he did some testing. The test showed that my balance system on the left did not match up with the right. He scheduled an MRI for last Friday and also sent me to an omptomologist for extensive eye examination. The eye doctor told me that my optic nerves were slightly swollen. He also told me that I should have pulsating behind my eye due to blood vessels and nerves and that I didn't. He said that this is very uncommon for a person of my age (39) but more common for someone in there 80s. The vision field test he did showed areas of my sight that I was not seeing. The eye doctor moved the MRI test up to last Wednesday morning. The MRI reports is as follows:

MRI examination of the Head and Brain
HX: Retrocochlear lesion, attention internal auditory canals

MRI examination was done with multiple sagittal, axial and coronal images It was done with T1 and T2 weighting and the examination was also done after intravenous injection of magnevist.
There is a cystic lesion measuring a little over a centimeter in width in the basal ganglia on the left just lateral and inferior to the mid portion of the internal capsule. It shows increased signal with T2 weighting very little if any enhancing of the rim. There appears to be a small area of nodular thickening suggesting the possibility of cysticercosis. Differential diagnosis would include other parasitic processes such an echinococcal cyst. A cystic neoplasm would also be considered in the differential although there does not appear to be significant surrounding edema and this would be considered less likely. No other definite cystic lesions are seen. A small area of increased signal in the deep white matter on the left is nonspecific. Otherwise the cerebral hemispheres and ventricular system appear with in normal limits. The posterior fossa including the internal auditory canals appears normal.

Impression: cystic lesion measuring approx. A centimeter in width on the left as described above differential diagnosis includes cysticercosis.

I am to see the neuroglogist on Monday. If any of you can help me with this I would appreciate it. I'm leaning on Christ. He is my rock and I trust in Him. I would just like to hear from anyone that might have been through this or heard of this before. Thank you.

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