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i honestly don't know if this is a "standard" practice to send a child home with fluid and pressure.(fluid always creates some level of pressure) in her brain and just tell them to "come back in two months"???but as a mom,i would be getting a second opinion asap.this,to me anyways knowing some things about the brain and pressure,just doesn't even sound safe to me,really.doing a simple CT and telling you there actually is fluid inside your childs brain and to leave you hanging like that,i would most definitely obtain a second opinion,with an actual neurosurgeon just because they do know sooo much more than most neurologists possibly wouldn't hurt to take her to an ER where they WOULD treat this with a more 'hands on' approach and with a bit more concern too.this just dosen't sound right to me really.

they need to find out WHY she has fluid in her brain,you know what i mean?there just has to be a real reason for this to occur,it is not normal by any stretch of the word to have fluid in a babys brain she having ANY neuro symptoms what so ever at this point other than just the enlargement?any pain? and odd movements?how do her pupils look,normal/equal and reactive to light?if she is showing any signs at all,i would take her to the ER.also setting up that second opinion soon would be fantastic.i would never rely on only one opinion for something like this.since your child cannot speak for herself,you need to really stay on top of this and also do her speaking for her.if you do not feel at all comfortable with what you were told,you DO have every right to find someone else who can help you more than this guy did.i would just do it very just really need to know what caused this and most importantly what her risks are becasue it is just there,in her brain.i wish you both lots of luck with this,please keep me posted as to what you find out and how she is doing,K? marcia

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