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I just spent hours last night reading the threads about DAVM on this site and I think you all have help me diagnose my proplem. Here is my story..maybe somewone can guide me....I have had severe headaches that come on fairly suddenly for several years now. My doctor says they're tension headaches. About two years ago I started having a whooshing sound in my ears accompanied with, I can only explain it as a decrease in the awareness around me. These spells only last for a few minutes and started out only happening sporadically. I told my GP, he sent me to a neurologist. I had aan MRI but they said it was normal. The neurologist said it must be complex migraines and put me on Topomax. The headaches did improve somewhat, but the whooshing noise just got worse, more frequent and is now accompanied by pounding, pulsating in my head. It happens so frequently now that the spells are sometimes over before I realize I had one. I have hypertension and am on medication for that. I check my blood pressure during these spells and it is never high. Add to these problems are blurred vision that comes and goes, and sometimes when I change position to fast, I have to wait for my vision to "catch up", like I'm blind for a few seconds. I know it sounds like I'm crazy, especially since the neurologist said its only migraines, but it's really scarey. I am going to go back to my GP with info about DAVM in hand, but has anyone ever been diagnosed with DAVM after a normal MRI? Help!

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