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Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone can relate to my story at all or what I am going through?

Background.... June 15th I lost my job at the bank I worked with for 6 years, restructuring... at the end of June my dad who was 58, died of a heart attack. I as the oldest son had to plan it all, from start to end and take care of everything and me being 28 had no idea where to start, but got through it all okay and with hardly any trouble (I also was so busy I didn't have time to open up or really grief through all of this).

So all of a sudden, a month and a half to two months ago, I had chest pain or pressure, which they said could be a chest infection so I took anti botics and puffer to help clear out my chest, which helped but didn't get rid of the chest pressure. I was walking in a mall with my best friend after having a nice lunch and all of a sudden I had this odd feeling from head all the way to toes, tiggle sensation, and a feeling of hot and cold and a blurred vision, and I felt like I would fall and had to grab my friend (but I didn't fall and it just lasted seconds). I have had the same tingle feeling in my chest too and the doctor said it could be my breathing which I looked up and you normally feel it in the mouth and arms if it's breathing... it caused me to get checked up good, so I had heart tests, stress tests, ecg, blood work, cat scan of head and all are normal so far...

Other symptoms I have are:

tight chest / heavy chest
bad headaches and sore neck
sensitve to light at times
weak feeling - like wabbly feet sometimes
feeling like I am not walking balanced or falling back when I am not really falling backwards
feeling faint or like I could pass out but never do
sometimes these things happen when I am out walking or sometimes at home watching tv

So, I am sure some of this may be other things, like stress, anxiety maybe, the loss process, but I was wondering if anyone can relate and tell me if they have felt these things before? The tingling thing while walking scares me and the symptoms sometimes affect my life and what I do for now...

I am working on dealing with letting some of the feelings of my loss out to see if it helps, but just looking for other feedback or advice.

Cheers, Sam

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