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Hey everyone. I'm really driving myself crazy thinking about this 24/7. It really sucks. About a week and a half ago i was lifting weights going all out, when i lift heavy i will start pouring sweat and my face will flush red, no big deal, that always happens i thought, well on one of my last lifts i got a headache while lifting out of nowhere, In the past a few years back i would get an exertion headache here and there, but that was years ago and for some reason this one wouldn't go away! I had it for the rest of the day. Ok so next day it goes away right? worked out again and nothing. Then the other day when it was REALLY hot and i got the headache again and this one lasted all night! I got freaked out, i'm what would be called a hypochondriacand always think something is wrong, PLUS i have social anxiety and suffer from panic attacks , so as you can imagine i was in pretty bad shape! So a few days pass and i don't have a headache, but i have sharp pains every once in a while where i felt the headache! right side of my head kinda close to my forehead by i guess where the frontal lobe of the brain is. Like i said i'm sorta a hypochondriac and i keep thinking about it and think i'm also "making" symptoms show up just by driving myself crazy, i can't stop thinking something is wrong though! i keep touching my head feeling for bumps and driving myself crazy lol, thinking i have an abscess, blood vessels are bleeding, you name it! I feel exactly the same though. no dizzyness, eye pain, nausea, nothing except the sharp pains that come and go! ( today for some reason i haven't had any though.

I called my doc yesterday for an appointment and after talking to him he refereed me to a neurologist. So i called and they don't take my insurance there anymore, so i called my doctor for another referral and they are closed today! I'm really driving myself crazy though! What should i do? i mean it's been like 2 weeks and i think if something was really wrong i would be feeling like crap, then again who knows. Another thing i'm terrified of thinking about is having to get an MRI or CT scan. I'm claustrophobic and would flip out and have panic attacks inside that thing :( I wouldn't be able to lay in there for up to an hour! If something was REALLY wrong would i have just gotten this headache when working out? wouldn't i have it all the time? I don't have high blood pressure but it does go up due to anxiety. No family history either involving anything with the brain. Also i have worked out again since and the headache didn't come back. My mother suffers from migraine headaches, i don't think i would all of a sudden get them though. Any ideas?

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