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I have Lupus, APLS(clotting disorder) celiat and thyrod problems. I have been under terrable stress for 15 months, about 3 months ago I began having a continuos headache. It gets really severe like my head is going to pop, pain pressure, cant see light bothers me. It never fully goeas away it just there and gets lighter at times. Then I began having joint pain and pain in my side, so I thought it was my lupus or even my thyroid. I went to dr he said it was not my thyroid and I should go to neurologist. I am extremly afraid of Dr's, I avoid them and tests. He put me on Fioricet, and it did absolutly nothing for me at all. I then noticed my right eye is drooping, and my focus and vision seems to be off. My headache is on top of my head and on the leftside. I am at my wit ends and whenever I decide I going to go to the dr, the headache feels better (slightly). I am not a complainer, I am trying to make it better but I dont know what to do anymore.

This headache wakes me up when I am sleeping, it is not specific time of day or night it gets bad. I watch what I eat, and make sure I drink plenty of water. I just dont trust Dr's and dot want to go for them to tell me nothing is wrong when I know I dont feel right.

Thanks I hope someone has advice, I also feel pressure on my eyes.
[QUOTE=sar3272;3227914]Hi, I'm new to this site but when I saw your title line I had to throw in my 2 sense. In 1998 I woke in the morning, coughed and my eye closed. i thought that maybe I broke a blood vessel or something. I went to my family physician and was sent straight to the hospital. After i went through the CAT Scan and MRI they did an angiogram. During that they found an aneurysm on the circle of willis which controls the eyes. So a few hours later I was in surgery getting it clipped. Please, Please go and see your doctor to get this taken care of. I know you don't know me from Adam, but this is one thing that I consider myself an expert on.[/QUOTE]

Actaully the Circle of Willis is a system of blood vessels that supply the brain. Several arteries feed into the C of W to insure that the blood flow will not be totally occluded if there is a clot in one of them. You would still have a stroke or TIA as the other arteries are still open. It is possible that the aneurysm may have caused pressure on the nerve that goes up to the eye muscles when you coughed and caused an increase in intracranial pressure.

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