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Take a deep breath man and relax. Like you i'm also a hypochondriac and all of a sudden developed a "sharp pain on the right side of my head" that appeared out of nowhere. I also thought it could have been an abscess ( since i haven't been to the dentist in over TEN years until two weeks ago! BTW only had 3 cavities LOL, worried for nothing) I was worrying myself to DEATH though! thinking " it's an aneurysm, i have super high blood pressure and working out made my brain start to bleed, it's a tumor" you name it! i was actually pressing on my head so many times trying to feel something that it caused me to get pimples in that areas, which in turn also made me feel like i had a headache in that spot from the constant pressing! I couldn't wait anymore, i had a neurologist appointment like a month later! i would think i was dying up until then, so one night i said forget this i'm just going to go to the hospital ER. So i go there doctor gives me a CT scan, i'm there for like 5 hours waiting. My heart rate wa jacked also cause i was nervous as hell and told them i have anxiety. LOL i think they thought i was there for drugs or something man! So they did a CT scan with no contrast and the doctor came back saying everything came back fine and that was it! me being a hypochondriac i9 said " well i read on the internets CT scan aint as good as MRI, and aint it bad they did it with no contrast" and he reassured me that the CT scan would have picked up anything serious, he still says i should follow up with the neurologist ( next week) but then that got me thinking something is wrong. I might jst cancel, i don't want to go through unnecessary tests, but i should just for more piece of mind, even though the scan came out fine.

Point of all this is you just need to trust your doctor/dentist and let them worry about whats wrong, DON'T look up things on the internet man! especially being a hypochondriac, you will create symptoms in your head and will drive yourself crazy. Even skimming some other boards on here i will see something and read up then think i have that lol. It really is rare for people to develop abscesses in their brain. You would have to have a horrible immune system for it to spread and get that serious, and since you just had a CT scan/MRI done i doubt all of a sudden it's that serious. You just feel swollen and all terrible cause your teeth are rotting out! Once you get them fixed all your head pains will go away. Good luck man and try to relax!

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