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Need advice quick.
Oct 4, 2007
I'm sorry if this is hard to read but I am very nervous and am not able to type my best ATM. I also don't know if this would fall under mental health/dental/or brain problems, so if this needs to be moved then I understand.

I'll start by saying that I am turning into a bit of a hypochondriac in recent years. So even if nothing is wrong, it is very real to me.

My latest fear is that I have a brain abscess. Why do I think this? I have a lot of rotten teeth despite being only 17. (This is a real problem. My dentist scolds me for it too). So I have had several abscesses in my mouth since I didn't go to the dentist for over a year and a half. I took a lot of different antibiotics and nothing seems to bring the infection down to a suitable level. Today I found out that I have 2 that definitely need to be pulled and one that needs a root canal to prevent another infection. However the antibiotics don't seem to be doing much for me. I've had a amoxicillin/penicillin/clendamycin and they don't do anything. The dentist said that the infection was definitely there but not bad enough for me to worry about it spreading to my brain. It has my face swollen up and i'm still convinced that is has spread to my brain

Now before all of this.. A doctor I went to ordered a CT scan maybe a month and a half ago. I got in a week later and they called me back an hour after I got home saying I needed to get back ASAP to get an MRI. They really thought they found something on the CT scan and the MRI revealed that it was just a blur which is pretty common on CT scans. Basically they said nothing was wrong with me in the end. About a week ago I started getting headache and nausea and my face started swelling up. The infected area in my mouth is not that bad though and there is no pain at the site of the infection, so how could it be related to my problems? The biggest nag I have is this weird pressure behind my forehead and under the top of my head. It really bothers me and I am getting very dizzy the past 2 days as well. I feel like the neurological symptoms are getting worse and worse every day and I just can't cope with the outside chance that something could be wrong. Should I go back for my doctor? I feel like I am going crazy and am afraid of him telling me that I am.

(Please tell me what the pressure I feel could be related to.) Is there a non life threatening condition or maybe it's part of a panic attack since I also break out in a sweat a lot and have chills lately.

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