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I have the same exact symptoms as you have. It started about a month ago out of nowhere, felt lightheaded, slightly dizzy, arms and legs really weak and had no energy, headache/head pressure was constant. I also always felt off-balance and was even having trouble talking as my speech was slurred and I could not think or concentrate. I almost got fired my work suffered so much. I have had anxiety since I can remember but it always manifested itself as heart racing, shaking, sweaty palms, all the classice anxiety symptoms. For this reason, I thought this time it was not related to my anxiety as the symptoms were completely different and seemed to come out of nowhere. After researching some of these symptoms, I noticed I basically had all the classic symptoms of a brain tumor/MS. I went to my GP and had blood work done with all came back normal. He referred me too a neurologist who once he heard I had not had a history of headaches immediately scheduled me for an MRI. The MRI came back and low and behold everything was normal. This feeling seems to come and go for me, I will go a couple days feeling like my normal self and then a couple days where I am in this hazy fog and feel like a zombie. Exercise seems to help but its hard to get to the gym when you feel this way. I hope this eases your mind, as I went through the exact same situation as you. I would recommend getting an MRI or CT scan on your brain, although it is most likely nothing, it gave me a certain piece of mind to know for sure. I completely understand what you are going through and it is scary. Hope everything works out.

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