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I think it is a good idea to get checked out by the doctor also, just in case? It's good to have all bases covered, because your health is important. There was this thread i read about medical anxiety just before which you might find interesting, but i don't know if it would apply or not, slash don't want to presume anything about you at all, because i also know how frustrating anxiety is, even though i've only had it for a wee while. I have a friend who gets extremely depressed when the weather changes. and another one whose ADHD and finds that her hyperactivity escalates when the weather is great. It seems like weather has a great effect on so many people these days.

Do you find you get the dizziness when you stand up also? Is your blood pressure normal? I get general dizziness and always have done since i was little due to low blood pressure. For the past 3 weeks i've been constantly dizzy but in a different kind of way, more like the ground is coming up to meet me, stationary objects appear to be moving, and i know am anxious because i have a presentation and assignment due this week (it usually subsides over the holidays when i'm completely relaxed, but occasionally comes on in the mornings, in which case i know i'm going to have it all day. I find being in the shower really helps to relax me?) Dizzyness makes me feel also like i'm extremely tired/am suffering from a hang over when you can't think straight. Do you have any reason as to what could be causing your anxiety? In the past year i moved away from all my family and friends in New Zealand, to Australia, i'm now in a big city where i know several people now, but at the beginning when all this anxiety started, i didn't. Also have a lot of pressure put on me mainly from myself due to university commitments and achievements. What about you? My anxiety also likes to come on in social situations, i noticed it about 2 years ago when i'd meet up with new people for coffee, and would find that my legs and neck would shake and feel extremely sore. The tipsy feeling also would like to kick in. I found when my anxiety was really bad a few months ago, that i'd drink to make it go away, it would feel like the two were both similar, but that when i was drinking i was more in control and had a reason to be feeling like that? Crazy i know.

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