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The dizzy/out of it foggy head feeling you're experiencing is definitely a major symptom of general anxiety. I too get this, along with sometimes extreme headaches and nasal congestion. My doctor and counsellor have put it down to anxiety, and i have as well. It seems that after the counselling sessions i feel much better, and also when i don't have assignments due i am back to normal again. The out of it head feeling comes from you hyperventilating (even though you may not notice it), and when it lasts for longer than a few minutes, it tends to mean that you're on the cusp of a panic attack, but not enough to send you over the edge. I find i can have the weird head feeling for weeks on end, but it's because of my breathing. But ever since i've seen a counsellor i've kept things under control. I'm not an advocate for drugs, i think talking to someone could really benefit you. Looking for an explanation other than anxiety is common, i at first didn't want to believe that my symptoms were due to just stress - i didn't believe that my body could react in this way without something physically being wrong-but it can. The psychologist/counselor will teach to you good breathing techniques and ways to think positively about your situation, i guarantee that it will work! It did for me! Good luck with whatever you decide to do :)
Yeah i've never really taken medication for mine as of yet, but i definitely could see why you would if it carried on for such a long period of time! Mine sometimes comes on randomly too, and i've been told just to keep myself busy and take my mind off things. It usually works. I think it's when we relax and feel a slight spin/fogginess that you do think your anxiety is kicking in, mainly because we're on the lookout for our symptoms unlike other people who don't suffer from it and fob it off as something else. I also get it when i'm extremely tired and i can't think straight? Then i start to panic and presume that my original symptoms are due to anxiety, as opposed to just being tired. Do you find that Xanax helps for your other symptoms? I've pretty much alleviated my excessive pan attacks, but still get the dizziness/disassociative feelings around times of stress and just accept it as my normal reaction, it would be so nice to be COMPLETELY alleviated from them.
I think it is a good idea to get checked out by the doctor also, just in case? It's good to have all bases covered, because your health is important. There was this thread i read about medical anxiety just before which you might find interesting, but i don't know if it would apply or not, slash don't want to presume anything about you at all, because i also know how frustrating anxiety is, even though i've only had it for a wee while. I have a friend who gets extremely depressed when the weather changes. and another one whose ADHD and finds that her hyperactivity escalates when the weather is great. It seems like weather has a great effect on so many people these days.

Do you find you get the dizziness when you stand up also? Is your blood pressure normal? I get general dizziness and always have done since i was little due to low blood pressure. For the past 3 weeks i've been constantly dizzy but in a different kind of way, more like the ground is coming up to meet me, stationary objects appear to be moving, and i know am anxious because i have a presentation and assignment due this week (it usually subsides over the holidays when i'm completely relaxed, but occasionally comes on in the mornings, in which case i know i'm going to have it all day. I find being in the shower really helps to relax me?) Dizzyness makes me feel also like i'm extremely tired/am suffering from a hang over when you can't think straight. Do you have any reason as to what could be causing your anxiety? In the past year i moved away from all my family and friends in New Zealand, to Australia, i'm now in a big city where i know several people now, but at the beginning when all this anxiety started, i didn't. Also have a lot of pressure put on me mainly from myself due to university commitments and achievements. What about you? My anxiety also likes to come on in social situations, i noticed it about 2 years ago when i'd meet up with new people for coffee, and would find that my legs and neck would shake and feel extremely sore. The tipsy feeling also would like to kick in. I found when my anxiety was really bad a few months ago, that i'd drink to make it go away, it would feel like the two were both similar, but that when i was drinking i was more in control and had a reason to be feeling like that? Crazy i know.
Hi, I came across your post after replying to another one that has the same symptoms. I can say that you are not alone in the way you are feeling! I too have felt this way for 8 weeks and let me tell you that sounds scary I can remember reading peoples post at week 4 thinking how will I survive this? My story starts in July with bronchitis a two week period of feeling great then the flu and then bronchitis again. After that cleared my head has never felt the same. My story can be long and drawn out, especially since I have always been very active and hyper. You can find my original post on here with all of my symptoms. I have seen numerous doctors and an ENT all told me that I had anxiety and they gave me Lorazapem, which only made me feel worse, I have not taken it in 5 weeks because I felt that there was something else wrong with me, and that was what was causing my anxiety. I have never had anxiety issues before and I live a very relaxed life. Finally my doctor did a blood test and I found out I am anemic(low iron). I am told that anemia can magnify anything else that you may have and I know that there is something else. I am told sinus and allergies and have been told by other doctors and others who feel this way. My doctor told me that the mold count is very high and this is just a bad year for allergies. On top of the symptoms I have cracking/popping in my ears and nose. I had went to the ER for palps and feeling like I was about to pass out last week (I am home alone with my 4 yr old daughter during the day and all of this has me completely freaked out). The ER doctor had done more blood work to check my counts, of course they were low and this was probally why I was feeling so bad not to mention the anxiety that I now have due to all of this. I asked him about the cracking/popping in my ears and nose he took a look and said everything looks great however that does not mean that you do not have an inner ear dysfunction and sinus/allergy problems. The only thing is there is nothing that can be done about it; it has to go away on its own. He said anitbiotics will not help it. He was very nice and understanding and actually talked to me about my problems(unlike the others who wanted to give me an anxiety pill and send me on my way). My husband and my mother all have these same issues-minus the anemia-so this helps me. They have dealt with these issues for a long time and assure me that even though it does not go away for good it does get better. I too like you have thought brain tumor, along with every other disease in the book, basically because I never get sick. But trust me there are many, many people out there that feel just like us. I too was very depressed and even quit my job because I was letting this get to me. But I have now found that I have more moments of when I am like my old self. Trust me four weeks ago I was a complete mess. After numerous test I just figure it must be sinus and allergies. Just know that even though it does not seem like it now it DOES get better it just takes time. In the thread under my original post there is a reference to VN an inner ear problem. Try going to that board or do a search on foggy head and you will not believe all of the people who have the same symptoms. Just know that you are not alone and there are plenty of people to talk to until you get through it all! Hope you get to feeling better soon! :)
I have the same exact symptoms as you have. It started about a month ago out of nowhere, felt lightheaded, slightly dizzy, arms and legs really weak and had no energy, headache/head pressure was constant. I also always felt off-balance and was even having trouble talking as my speech was slurred and I could not think or concentrate. I almost got fired my work suffered so much. I have had anxiety since I can remember but it always manifested itself as heart racing, shaking, sweaty palms, all the classice anxiety symptoms. For this reason, I thought this time it was not related to my anxiety as the symptoms were completely different and seemed to come out of nowhere. After researching some of these symptoms, I noticed I basically had all the classic symptoms of a brain tumor/MS. I went to my GP and had blood work done with all came back normal. He referred me too a neurologist who once he heard I had not had a history of headaches immediately scheduled me for an MRI. The MRI came back and low and behold everything was normal. This feeling seems to come and go for me, I will go a couple days feeling like my normal self and then a couple days where I am in this hazy fog and feel like a zombie. Exercise seems to help but its hard to get to the gym when you feel this way. I hope this eases your mind, as I went through the exact same situation as you. I would recommend getting an MRI or CT scan on your brain, although it is most likely nothing, it gave me a certain piece of mind to know for sure. I completely understand what you are going through and it is scary. Hope everything works out.

Have you heard of Arnold Chaire Malformation??

It seems or sounds that it could be this perhaps... I have so many of the symptoms that you mention. IT started with numbness on the left side of my face and an EMT test showed that it was not light strokes so they had a brain MRI done and this is what it showed to be the problem...

It is where the mid brain for some reason starts to fall and put pressure on your spine and all these problems are created and it only seems to get worse bit by bit by bit...

I have numbness on the left side only, pressure behind the left eye, it is hard to swallow, I am no almost coughing constanstly for the last 2 weeks and have lost 6 pounds , All I can do is drink losts of liquids for the most part and keep it down. I have a lot of pressure at the base of my neck. The MRI last year showed a mild syrnx starting to form.

I had major back surgery last year and they tried to do a myelogram and the resident tried to different times to get spinal fluid out so that they could put in the dye to see what they wanted to see for sure. I think that ACM1 is part of the problem. They never did get the fluid out...

Perhaps I am wrong - but it might be something to look into all you have to do is type ****** *****Institute and they have an excellent web site to go to if you want to look into this...


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