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Hi. I am new to this board and I hope I can get some answers or, at least, find someone else to talk to. I have always had problems with headaches when the weather changed. This June, the weather went from cold to very hot and humid. I started getting headaches every day, as usual, and waited for the weather to plateau. It did. I still got headaches every day for about a month. Nothing a few Ibuprofen couldn't handle and I didn't take them every day. I also usually got a funny pressure/pre-headache feeling. So the headaches stopped, but now I have pressure in my sinuses, the top of my head and an achey neck, at times. (Probably from stress and worry). I also am dizzy and lightheaded with a weird brain fog feeling almost all the time. I went to my Dr. in August. She thought sinus infection and gave me meclizine (didn't help) and a course of antibiotics (didn't help). I went back last week because it is to the point that I can't work and I lost my job. I am a nurse and have to be thinking clearly! So the Dr tells me that it is anxiety without doing a CT scan or MRI. I said, "Can't it be a brain tumor?" She said, "Well, it could be, but it is rare." She told me to see a psychiatrist. I was a little angry, to say the least. I went to an ENT. He removed a lot of wax from my ears. No better. I will be getting a CT Scan of my sinuses on the 11th, a VNG, and allergy testing. I don't understand why they aren't doing a CT scan of my brain or an MRI. I am suffering with this. I have heard others with these symptoms when I look them up on the web. Some had them for YEARS! I am getting majorly depressed. I already take Xanax (very small dose). I should also say that I have been eating healthy and lost some weight, and started hormone therapy. All of this AFTER the symptoms started. Anyone have any suggestions?

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