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I am a 39 yr old female. I suffered severe tick bite fever in Oct 2006 and since then had a number of symptoms that I originally ignored as being paranoid. However as time progressed it increased to a level of non tolerance and I finally decided to see a neurologist.

Before I tell you the outcome of my visit, let me first explain the symptoms. A sharp pain (similar to that of a muscle cramp) in the right of my neck, behind the eye and into the centre of my head. Pulling of the facial muscle and eye muscle on the right along with a feeling of weakness in the right arm and leg (almost like they are not there anymore). Disorientation when driving and low concentration levels. Along with this a loss of balance at times.

After spending 7 days in hospital undergoing numerous tests, such as, MRI, CT, EMG, EEG and lumber punch, I was told I have a virus called (don't ask me what?) as it was never clearly defined. The only thing defined was that it is of the same family as encaphilites. And at the time I was told that this virus cannot be treated, they can however treat the symptoms. Since then I have been on numerous medications, to no avail I might add and ultimately all this resulted in aneasthetic being injected behind both my ears and my neck in an attemtp to alleviate the pressure and pain in the neck, head and eye area. I was told that this is to last at least 6 months. Well, needless to say, the same afternoon after receiving the injections, all symptoms were as evident as always.

My question is, does anybody have any advice on what this could, what are the long term effects of this or at least be able to give me an idea of what other kind of specialist can been seen to get a more detailed and/or effective diagnosis and treatment?


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