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Marcia, I appreciate your persistence with my thread. My mother keeps telling me that she thinks what I'm experiencing is stress related. I keep saying that I don't think that is what it is. I have been under a lot of stress lately, but I would not say that this is the most stressed I have ever been. She says that there are a lot of things going on right now in my life that I'm just not identifying as stressors(?). In August I had some legal precedings I had to do some things for (I'm not in trouble). I'm still in college and when it came time to go back to school I was not the least bit excited while my last 10 semesters (I've been in a long time and if anyone is curious, it is definitely not the way to go). I've always been pumped to start each semester. A couple weeks ago my girlfriend and I found out she was pregnant. And I had a professor this semester (I ended up dropping the class) whose sole purpose in life is to make others miserable. So maybe it is stress.
The other thing is that when I'm out drinking, my head hurts less than it normally does. I don't know if it's the alcohol, not thinking about other things going on, or just having my attention elsewhere but it seems to help (I don't drink to make it feel better, it's just a small bonus :) ).
I'll make sure I keep you posted if I find out anything else.

Thanks again.

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