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Hello all,

If someone could please help or share their stories I would appreciate it. I'm on the verge of a panic attack.

Since roughly the middle of August 2007 I've had this pulsing/pounding in my head. It's in the same place all the time (a little above my forehead above my left eye). It has never hurt like a headache (I've never been the type to get headaches a lot or migraines), but it's almost always there. When I don't feel it I don't know if it's because it's really just not there or if it's because I just preoccupied with something else. When it first started it was pretty much the same all the time. It's there when I wake up in the morning and it's there when I go to bed at night - I have yet to wake up in the middle of the night because of it.

Lately though, it's there in the mornings and seems to not really be too much of a factor during the day. However in the evenings it starts to get a little more intense and unless I have some noise in the background when I go to sleep (fan/tv) I have a hard time falling asleep.

If I put my hand where I feel the pulsing I cannot feel it pulsing or anything. What lead me to this site was a similiar post here ([url][/url]. I've done a little reading and the reason I'm freaking out here is because I'm seeing similiar symptoms associated with "tumor." I'm 24 and in I believe relatively good health. I'm 6' 3" and I weight about 290 lbs. I've smoked for the past 4 years but since the middle of the summer I've cut back tremendously. Although sometimes when I smoke now it seems to briefly intensify the pounding.

I first went to see a doctor 2-3 weeks after this started and he recommended I get a CT scan. I have yet to have the CT scan because I do not have health insurance.

I think I've taken almost every OTC med that I can think of (aspirin (although it was expired), various forms of Excedrin, etc.) I've been taking Ibprofen lately b/c it seems to lessen the pounding/pulsing and I drink a 20 oz. coffee 3-4 days a week early in the morning.

Any help is greatly and/or similiar stories is much, much appreciated.
gotcha,now it makes more sense to me,thanks.what i was referring to was taking your BP DURING the sensation and doing it when it isn't happening?just to compare the two.sometimes a raise in BP can create that same type of sensation.i know exactly what it is you are describing as i also get this.sometimes it is a raise in my BP and sometimes there doesn't really appear to be a 'good' reason for wouldn't hurt you tho to at the very least,only becasue this appears to be an ongoing thing,to obtain an MRI/MRA type of scan?the MRI would look at all structures within the brain and the MRA looks strictly only at the arterial structures within the brain without all of the other stuff in the way to hide some of the arteries from view.if nothing shows on these types of tests,at least many many possibilities for what you are feeling can be ruled out and you would know with pretty good certainty that this is not a brain realted issue,ya know what i mean?

the c spine or even the neck area(the arterial structures within it)could also be spots where something is changing the velocity of your normal blood flow.this could present with your exact type of symptoms.just something else to look could actually have the brain and the c spine done at the very same time just need to start testing things to just rule them out if nothing else as possible reasons(this is just how any real Dx is actually made with anything).sometimes this type of senation can be there without any real good reason(unknown etiology).its just the way your vascular structures are.but you do need to know for certain what may or may not actually be going on inside the areas i just need to know.i would have a chat with your primary about this and tell him you need some answers soon.he is the one who has to give you that referral for the MRI/MRA and c spine.if this were me, this is what i would do to.i have already had my brain and c spine scanned to the max and angiograms.i did have an actual aneurysm confirmed inside my brain but that particular symptom was not actually related to only real ongoing symptom that was related to my particular aneurysm was these freaky 'heat rushes" down the back of my head into my c spine.very strange.never had one headache with just need a full eval done on this symptom.could be a something or nothing,but you wont know for sure til you get that look inside ya know?i wish you luck and hope they can pin down what is actually causing it for you soon.please keep me posted.marcia
Good news! (I think),

I just got the results back and the doc's office said my CT Scan came back negative. The only thing was that the scan showed was "mucus retention in the left maxillary sinus." Not 100% sure what to do about that but the office said they would call back within a day about what they wanted me to do.

My next question is, what the hell is "mucus retention..." and can/is it be related to the pounding/pulsing in my head because so far it's still there?
Well I go back to the docs at the end of the month. So far I've found that Ativan and Xanax seem to make short work of whatever is going on with my head and hopefully I can keep taking those until I found out what exactly is going on.
hey rod,the more i hear about this the more i am starting to wonder if this really isn't a muscle type issue.women tend to carry their stress in there upper back and neck area while men carry it more in their heads,around the head? so the forhead and the 'banded" area surrounding it,the muscles there can tense up and tighten and create all kinds of problems.i know i get certain types of headaches in my temple area and the only thing that really helps is when i take a half a calms down alot.honestly?i think you should really try and get into see someone who does massage and have them concentrate on that head area and loosening up the muscles there and just see if anything actually changes for would be worth it to just try it.if you do get relief,this could all be being caused possibly just by stress and over tensed muscles and spasms.just give it a shot,i mean it wouldn't hurt to try ya know?let me know if you go ahead with this,i really want to know if it helps at "could' really be that simple.good luck,Marcia
Marcia, I appreciate your persistence with my thread. My mother keeps telling me that she thinks what I'm experiencing is stress related. I keep saying that I don't think that is what it is. I have been under a lot of stress lately, but I would not say that this is the most stressed I have ever been. She says that there are a lot of things going on right now in my life that I'm just not identifying as stressors(?). In August I had some legal precedings I had to do some things for (I'm not in trouble). I'm still in college and when it came time to go back to school I was not the least bit excited while my last 10 semesters (I've been in a long time and if anyone is curious, it is definitely not the way to go). I've always been pumped to start each semester. A couple weeks ago my girlfriend and I found out she was pregnant. And I had a professor this semester (I ended up dropping the class) whose sole purpose in life is to make others miserable. So maybe it is stress.
The other thing is that when I'm out drinking, my head hurts less than it normally does. I don't know if it's the alcohol, not thinking about other things going on, or just having my attention elsewhere but it seems to help (I don't drink to make it feel better, it's just a small bonus :) ).
I'll make sure I keep you posted if I find out anything else.

Thanks again.

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