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hey rod,the more i hear about this the more i am starting to wonder if this really isn't a muscle type issue.women tend to carry their stress in there upper back and neck area while men carry it more in their heads,around the head? so the forhead and the 'banded" area surrounding it,the muscles there can tense up and tighten and create all kinds of problems.i know i get certain types of headaches in my temple area and the only thing that really helps is when i take a half a calms down alot.honestly?i think you should really try and get into see someone who does massage and have them concentrate on that head area and loosening up the muscles there and just see if anything actually changes for would be worth it to just try it.if you do get relief,this could all be being caused possibly just by stress and over tensed muscles and spasms.just give it a shot,i mean it wouldn't hurt to try ya know?let me know if you go ahead with this,i really want to know if it helps at "could' really be that simple.good luck,Marcia

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