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So here i am again. I already posted tons of stuff on the Neuropathy board and before going to the Doctor all my symptoms left me for a few weeks so i did not go. I was afraid, i am afraid to go still. Anyway i was just wondering if anyone has had this type of headache or if anyone knows anything about it. I will try to be brief. Basically i get this weird headache on the lower left side of my head. i have never had migraines or anything like that before. In fact i don't know how to describe it. it feels like a sharp pain that comes and goes in a matter of seconds. the pain is not that bad but it makes me focus on it, perhaps that is my anxiety kicking in, with a tad of hypochandriacness. it started this year, around April... after i went thru a "simple surgery" on my right shoulder. The Doctor removed a 3cm bump that was causing pain on my right shoulder blade. Anywho:) i got other symptoms that i started to experience before the "headache". they are still here. They are: muscle twitching, it used to happened 20-30 times a day, now is moderate and it has no pattern or specified location, it's all over my body. I also woke up a few times with my arms completely numb, that hasnt happened in months. the last symptom is hard to explain, basically my legs and arms get tingly and numb very easily. For example, if i cross my legs when sitting down within a minute or two they get numb or they get "asleep" as some refer to that sensation.

I have done research online and i mimic many different diseases and disorders and i don't know what to think anymore. My two best guesses, pinch nerve (i fell down from a ladder about a year and half ago) and tumor? i hope not! :(

basic info about moi> mid 20s, male, average height, 160 pounds, phisically healthy, 20 20 eye vision, excellent balance, very active (soccer and basketball:D ) i dont have any muscle weakness, and um lets see... info.. my blood pressure is 127 over 87 . well um thank you for reading my thread and dont be shy! reply absolutely anything you want to reply, insults comments and questions are welcome.

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