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[QUOTE=leelawati;3254320]My mother Leela Wati Grover who is 72 yrs old gone through a severe brain haemorrhae on the left side due to which she lost consiousness, lost speech and right side got paralytic. As per doctors bleeding was extensive on the left side due to high BP. In her life she was the sufferer from Migraine pain.

Could you please let me know whether she will be able to recall the speech , memory and able to walk , please inform me as we are very upset.[/QUOTE]

It is impossible to predict the outcome of these things. After a bleed there is swelling and pressure but then much of the blood may be resorbed and if pressure is the major reason for her impairment she may regain considerable function. However if circulation to a critical area of the left brain is permanently lost the recovery may be minimal. Time and good therapy will clarify the degree of damage. Hope things turn out for the best...

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