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NO help out there
Oct 12, 2007
It began a little over a year ago. I am like everyone else with a stressfull job and busy life. I started having trouble with memory first. Simple forgetfullness which I blew off to stress. Then I began feeling a little off balance which again I attributed to stress and lack of good sleep. Then I began to have abdominal fullness and pain. But it was upper and lower abdominal. Then I was like ok this is weird time to go to the doctor. So I had some tests which showed I had H. Pylori and severe varicosed veins in my lower abdomen. Then a ultrasound showed I had a huge gallstone.. So I was thinking along with my that explains why im feeling so crappy. Thats alot of stuff!! I began to take the medicine for the H.Pylori first to try and tackle that and get it out of the way and when I took the antibiotics I ended up in the hospital because I had this strange reaction in which I could barely lift my arm I had become so weak. It was scary and strange. Especially being a nurse I kept thinking, I havent seen this before but ok so I had a weird reaction no big deal right? Well then about 2 weeks later I began having flashes of light in my left eye along with this high pitched ringing and more brain foggyness. I couldnt focus and was struggling to keep clear orientation in thought. So I finally went to a neurologist who said it was just stress and that nurses and doctors especially struggle with these types of anxiety disorders. I initially agreed with her diagnosis because I realize that stress and anxiety can do funny things to your body. But now after almost one year I am feeling like I am at deaths door. I have been to multiple specialties for multiple symptoms that dont seem to fit together. here is the list of late if anyone can help please. I am getting desperate and have tried everything. I just want my life back.

off balance
flashes of light left eye
fullness and high pitched ringing in my ears
brain fog and disorientation
difficulty swallowing
having multiple allergies to things and never had allergies before to anything
feels like its hard to breath but not like in asthma were it feels constricted.but more because it feels like my lungs are not strong enough to fill themselves.. like i dont have the strength to breath in a full breath
feeling faint sometimes but have never fully fainted
feel pressure in my head like i have been hanging upside down and all the blood is rushed up there and cant drain
along with all the other symptoms i listed ...the abdominal pressure and pain which hasnt gotten any better.

Please there must be a good doctor out there somewhere who wont be overwhelmed with my problem and would be willing to tackle it and not give up on me!!!!!!!!!!!

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