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Bearygood - and update for all who have been so good to reply to me during this ordeal......

I had my MRI (with/without contrast) and the radioligist report said everything was clear. This was an open-type MRI and not a closed. I hand delivered a copy of the images to my neorologist and opthomologist myself to have both of them to have a look. I figure 3 sets of eyes looking at these films would be better then 1 set that looks at them day in and day out. Opthomolgist did a thorough exam and says that it is definately not an eye problem, but a brain problem. My vision field test shows a compression of my upper peripheral field in both eyes. Still don't know if this is permanent or not.

I have blood test to be done this week on the 7th and reviewed on the 12th. I am going to double check to see if they are going to check hormone levels. I am having a feeling that the pituitary is doing something to cause this problem.

Hope to have some more answer soon.

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