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I think your neurologist is right, get an MRI. Some of your symptoms seem to be those of a pituitary tumor and sometimes they don't show up on a CT scan. You might also see an endocrinologist and get ALL of your hormones tested if you haven't already. The hormone problems board has some information about pituitary tumors so you might post over there. Please don't panic, they are mostly benign. I had one removed in June and I am doing fine. Good Luck.
Thank you DH for you response!! I had an MRI in 2004 which checked the pituitary for a tumor but it was clear. Do you know if it makes a difference if they do a MRI with or without contrast? I don't remember them giving me an injection of dye for the contrast. Can a pituitary tumor grow that quickly to cause these types of problems in just 3 years? And have you ever heard of permanent vision loss due to migraines?!

I have read post after post of those who were having trouble getting their doctors to listen to them....I now know exactly how that feels and my heart goes out to them!!!

Any response from anyone is welcome!!

Thanks in advance!

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