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I am a 48 year old male and I was told that I have this very condtion. It was around 3 years ago.. It started with numbness on the left side of my face and a low ringing in my ears... It was thought at first that perhaps I had a light stroke. AN EMG test - the measure and shock thing mapped it out as well as a MRI of the brain found this out to be my problems..

It is to the point now that I have to get another one as soon as possible. Last year about this time it was labeled a mild case and we decided to leave it alone and see how things go... I think it is getting worse all the time...
I am really starting to worry about having the surgery done in the not to far off future...

The entire left side of my face and neck are numb for the most part. The ringing in the ear is getting very loud and recently I am almsot coughing all the time. I have lost 6 pounds in a week and cannot hardly swallow and I went to the doctor and they took XRAYS of the chest and nothing is wrong... I had blood tests and urine tests done 2 weeks ago and it all tested to be normal what ever that is

It feels like someone has an ice pick and at times is beating my head, my short term memory sucks as well, from the research that I have done in the last 3 years shows that they think that it could be from a shortage of a vitamin or mineral while in the "womb". There are different thoughts in this area. I have tremendous pressure behind my left eye at this time as well.

I have different feelings at times about this: Things could be alot worse,things could be alot better. I spent 24 years in the ARMY and retired a little over 3 years ago, I have had major back surgery last year, became diabetic as a result of this surgery and now this continues to worsen all the time slowly it does it thing and I try to adjust to it as well. Adapt, Adjust and overcome...

I am married and we have 2 girls one will graduate this spring from high school and the other one is a freshmen this year in high school as well.
The wife and I are fortunate as they are great girls... I want to show them that one can over come little things in life as well as major things in life as well. I can no longer do so many things that I could do 3 years ago and I guess it is the way it goes...

I am starting to ramble... SORRY

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