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I have been getting tingles on the top of my head which leads to my left side arms, legs, chest, lower back face and tongue its a weak feeling which makes me feel like im having stroke symptoms, i am having vthem as a type. Its a very scarey feeling. I do suffer from migraines and epillepsy which may be related. When i was diagosed with migraines left side paralysas is a sign but last 3 days its been alot more of these tingles which makes me think there is something not right. I sometimes think i have symtoms of a silent stroke (TIA) I plan on going to see my local GP on Monday as its starting to bother me I wonder if its also a part of my anxiety as i also suffer from Anxiety/Panic disorder. Ive had to take some om my Alprazolam Xanax to relax me which they do however i do still have the tingles. Am I having a silent stroke or maybe signs of MS?? Do i have spinal problems related to my nervous system I dont know. It really worries me!

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