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Hi all.

Six years ago (May of 2001) I had a benign tumour removed from the right side of my brain. Since then, though, my body has never felt the same. I'm not talking about constant pain, but I have experienced many aches since my operation. I've had an MRI scan every year since, (apart from last year). I believe they've always scanned my spine as well. Everything's always been fine. These aches have been everywhere, though. In my back, on my flank, in my neck, arms, legs. The lot really. The funny thing is, I've always felt fine. No other symptoms at all.

Now, as I said, I'm not talking about real pain. Just the odd ache every hour and then. But as I said, my body has never felt the same since May 2001.

Do you think that, after all this time, it could be connected to the tumour?

By the way, I'm 22. 15 at the time of diagnoses.

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