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Re: Alana20
Nov 28, 2007
hi lynxgal

i just logged on to post u and you were thinking the same lol...
well, the head zaps were pretty mild and less frequent for a while till about a week back and came in with a vengance, they were getting to me and its a battle to not go down with them...... about a month ago i had a buzzing/vibrating in the back of my left leg somewhere behind the knee this went on daily for about 3 weeks wasnt painful just grabbed my attention as it pulsed but not with my heart beat it had about 7 seconds between each pulse.....if you ever tried slendertone it was like that.....the head zaps and eye flips seem aggravated by the tv and computer or if i stare at an object while thinking.....they seem to be getting milder tho still frequent.....still carrying on day to day stuff and trying not to be miserable about them but hate them.....i should be seeing neuro oto about jan time but i still havent recieved my app yet....please let me know how you are, i hope ok.......


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