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this could possibly be some level of c spine problem.given the fact that he experienced a one sided constricted pupil,well it could indicate a few possibilities for it,all of them neurological in left pupil is permanently like this from sympathetic nervous system damage.its called horners just happens when the SNS is involved with a certain level of real damage or being affected in some way.the fact that he also ALWAYS has that pain upon a particular posistion just kind of indicates the need to have this looked into much further.just obtaining an MRI on the brain and c spine area,with particular attention paid to around the lower end of the c spine?it just needs to be evaluated.this "could' become worse,both with the pain and the ongoing neuro symptoms if he doesn't get this looked into and the reasons found out.its just the nature of certain types of c spine or brain issues.i am leaning towards the c spine here tho,just based on what you have stated as symptoms.he just really needs to see his doc and be sent for at least an MRI with contrast.this would most likely show the problem.much better than any other real basic type of first round testing could anyways.just get him in to see his doc.and go with him if possible so you can also explain his symptoms does help to know as much as possible.hopefully this is not anything major going on,but it does need to be looked into soon.please let me know what you find out,K? Marcia

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