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Boxerlover: YOu posted a thread almost 2 yrs ago about dizziness, a dropping feeling like on a elevator. with TMJ. I get this like once a day and it scares the crap out of me...I feel like I fell or am falling lasts 2 secs. And leaves me with a holy crap felling...

I was just wondering if you ever found out if this was TMJ related? or something else and if you are still having it?

I dont know what to do...all my docs are terrible. They send me all over and I get no answers but it's anxiety. Half the times I get this I am not even having an anxiety attack. I may be walking, standing, watching tv whatever..

I also have very tired and dry eyes. Which I wondered if that was causing the dizziness caus emy eyes are not able to focus as fast or move as quick cause of the dry and tiredness. I had an MRI 7 months ago...Thankkfully nothing in there adnormal. But I am just scared to wits end. And I was relieved to here someone else had my symptoms...Please help me. I have headaches and my eyes feel like someone is pulling them back into my head. My jaw hurts alot too, and my ears and always full. I swallow all day to clear them....ugh!!!

Someone help!!! I am only 26 and I feel I am falling apart...
hi kirsty i have the same symptoms as you,iv had it for four years,doc said anxiety,said that hes never heard of some of my simptoms,pressure in temple,pain and pressure left eye numb feeling in the eye in left cheek and pressure going down my neck ,fateuge ,feeling like im in a trance 24 7,after a couple of years like this i begged doc to do a bloody ear test,this showed low iron, after taking iron tabs for months i felt a little better,but still had this constant pressure in head face and neck it feels like i have a fist in my temple; i asked doc to look in my ear she said it was badly retracted and would send me to ent doc,that was about five months ago,in december i went to spain ,on landing i felt a big pop and pain from my left ear,after that the pressure went from my face,a few weeks later i had a letter from ent,to see him 18th march,i thought great,iv had this problem for four years finaley get to see ent and it has gone,but two days ago i started having pressure in left temple and same in left eye again so hopfully ent will sort me out at last,good luck shirley:)

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