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Weird numbness
Jan 13, 2008
Since I do not have a family doctor (long story), this has been a nightmare trying to get to the bottom of.

I began experiencing weird symptoms as far back as June 2007 (I had facial pain/migraine headaches for years). I experienced vertigo, which came on suddenly one day and progressively got worse over the same day. This vertigo lasted for 3 weeks and then was gone.

Following the vertigo, I began treatments for TMJ (as I had this condition). 2 weeks after beginning treatment (splints for the TMJ) I experienced burning mouth syndrome.

About 3 weeks after BMS (burning mouth syndrome) began, the vertigo returned, this time not as severe as the first time, but agonizing all the same. The vertigo again lasted approximately 3 weeks.

Around the end of December 2007, the burning mouth was beginning to go away, however a very odd symptom began (to this point I was relieved that all the other symptoms had been confined to my neck up area). I felt a very slight gurgling in my abdomen, just above my pelvic bone area. This gurgling would happen ever 3 seconds for about 5 seconds. It was constantly there, repeating. After about a week, this moved towards my right side of my stomach, and then it felt as though there was a lump under my skin (couldn't feel it) of dull pain. This area of sensation remained on the right side for a while, occasionally becoming painful (eventually, the feeling of a 'mass' went away). During this period, I noticed that if I bend my neck downwards when sitting, my lower back feels like it has pins and needles in it. When I raise my head it goes away. When I try this standing, the back feels like this only occasionally. My hands sometimes feel numb (especially upon waking). About 1.5 weeks ago, along with the rest, i developed what feels like a band that is just below my rib cage, and circles all the way around my torso on both sides. It's not painful.. the sensation is best described as what it would feel like to have a shirt resting on the skin (the bottom of the shirt being at that level). If I put my hands around my waist at that area, the sensation of the band disappears. This isn't painful, until I walk anywhere. Then it's mildly painful in this area of the band (but again, putting pressure on the band will relieve the pain temporarily).

I've had blood work twice, and since the results came back excellent, doctors just keep telling me I am healthy and to go home. I know what pain feels like, and this isn't right. I've had CT scans, which came back normal. Xray of torso came back normal. Waiting on an unltra sound now. I went to a neurologist and requested an MRI to figure out what could be going on. The neurologist responded that they wouldn't know what to look for on an MRI and that I was fine to leave.

I'm really at wit's end here with doctors unwilling to help, and unable to get a family doctor in my area. I've seen plenty of doctors at the walk in clinics and the hospital here. None are much help.

What the symptoms sound like (numb in hands after bending the neck/band around the waist) almost resemble MS. The band I thought originally may have been shingles (I have been wickedly stressed the past year) however the band is not very painful at all, no rash, I have not had a fever. Is there anyone who can relate to anything described?

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