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Severe neck pain
Jan 14, 2008
I have had neck pain for five years. I have had one injury to my neck, and one instance of a herniated disk about 4 years ago. My neck pain has come back with a venegence. It causes my head to feel like it weighs 100 hundred pounds, and I have muscle spasms while driving, as if my neck can't hold still. After driving for 45 mins or so, I am out of commision for the next two days. I also have major headaches accompanied by nausea and vomiting, I can't even sleep at night without my prescribed pain pills. I just had an MRI on my c-spine and my brain but no results yet. I'm afraiD it may be neurological. I am weak on my right side, I drop things alot and I also loose my balance. I just get so frustrated because everytime I go to a doctor they chalk it up to be strictly a muscular thingand tell me to go get physical therapy. Which I just cannot accept. I am only 18, and I can't live like this.

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