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I posted here quite a while ago (a year maybe?), listing a few symptoms I was having, and looking for ideas as to what could cause it. Well I'm back, with pretty much my full list now, and still looking for ideas!

To date, my symptoms have included (not in any particular order, because thatís too much for my poor brain to handle):

*Electric shock sensations body-wide
*Vertigo spells
*Sore spot on scalp
*Muscle twitches in legs (fasciculations)
*Movement Hesitancy-arms
*Sudden jerks in the legs, ankles and wrists (and once in the neck)
*Clumsiness (dropping things, trouble picking things up)
*Neck pain (like a kink in the neck but lasting weeks or even months)
*Stiff left calf muscle
*Numb left side of my throat and mouth
*Muscle spasms (mild to moderate) in legs, arches of feet, stomach, back and neck
*Stabbing pain through the eyes
*Inability to swallow solid foods for 1 month, and throat intermittent throat discomfort since.
*Colon infection
*Numb hands when waking up
* Plantar fasciitis (??)
*Weakness in hands and arms

To date the tests I have had and their corresponding results are:

Various blood tests (all normal, except the elevated lymphocytes and liver enzymes)
CT scan of brain and c-spine (normal)
Barium Swallow (showed possible esophageal web)
Gastroscope (completely normal, despite results from the barium swallow)
MRI of brain and c-spine (clear, Iím told)
Psychological Evaluation (basically ok, although I may be suffering from mild depression, medication not required)

My PCP thought MS, but the clear MRI nullified that to her. My Neurologist said he thinks Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but my PCP and I disagree since I am not having some of the "hallmark" symptoms, and another PCP I saw when I couldn't get in to see my reg doc says MS. He thinks it will just take time for the lesions to show up (he had another patient like me who took 20 years for lesions to show up).

I'm at my wit's end here. I've been struggling over 2 years, slowly getting worse. All of this started a month after my youngest child was born with a weird little shock-like feeling in my left calf, from there I have progressed to where I am now.

Does anyone have ANY ideas? ANYONE??? PLEASE??? I feel like I'm going nuts here!

Hi there Christine-
i feel for you.... I have the same kind of thing going on- its like a little evil elf is playing games all around my body- making twitches and tingles and weakness and headaches etc etc....i haven't had my MRI yet and kinda don't want to as i am convinced there will be MASSES of lesions... and what do they do anyway if they do find them?? I asked my GP and Neurologist if i could try some steroids to see if my symptoms lessened... they said no- apparently you have to be so bad you can't function hardly at all before you'll get some treatment- here anyway. I feel like my nerves are being damaged irrepairably ( sorry about spelling) and no-one can help!
it is surely a good thing that your MRI was clear- i would be very relieved but of course frustrated!! what the hell is it?
all we want to do is enjoy and be there for our anyone else. DOn't need all this stuff going on!!!! best wishes to you...wish i could help- its so hard..but keep in touch:)

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