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I am a 33 yr. old female who started having mild numbness/tingling in left hand and both feet 1 1/2 yrs ago. Started exactly 2 wks. post a traumatic event in my life. After a nerve cond. study that did not show anything, neuro doc had me convinced it was stress. O.K.
Now feeling less stressed, got married in July 2007, then came Aug. I woke up with what I think is called a paroxysmal event in my right ankle. Some kind of twitchy nerve thing that came and went all day over a period of 2 weeks. Within that 2 wks. decided to go see my doctor because now having numbness in left side of face, across chest, and in my lower back and weird muscle spasms also. Along with sharp stabbing/fleeting eye pains. (no vision loss or color blindness noted). Doctor ordered lab work and MRI of brain with Gad. Labs were normal, MRI showed 14mmX10mm pineal cyst but otherwise normal. Back to the neuro doctor who did a basic neuro check and said I was fine but ordered mri of C-spine in Sept. without Gad that came back normal. it's Jan. 2008 and I am still having sens. disturbances that come and go all over my body and am having my second bout of eye pain. (much milder this time, more like an ache and no vision problems but it has been 2 weeks) I did take my contacts out which has helped. The only other thing is that I feel cold constantly (but it is winter after all).
So of course the question is.....Sound like M.S.? I think yes. Now what?

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