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Jan 29, 2008
I hope I spelled wright? Anyway, to make this a short story, I have a plate on the left side of my head, I got it in a car accident at 17 years old, I am now 36. Here is my problem, about 2 years ago I had a small syst (not dangerous) removed this was located on the left side of head, I have encephelmacia. I know what it is, it is a cerebrospinal fluid, it could have been there since accident, or years after, or since this othere removal of syst. Which come to think about it, was not underneath skull..sorry. So that is one answer. My question can this fluid continue to cause the brain area to get soft? And can surgery be done, meaning going in and taking the fluid out? I am 36 , this accident happened when I was 17. Many years, I thought of what wasnt such a bad deal, and now I am freakin out. Oh yeah, there is also sighs of atrohy of cerebellum. Another ? Dont know anything about this stuff. If there is stuff I can do, to put up with headaches,fainting feeling, left eye swelling, balance, if anyone has answers or suggestions. I am open to them. I see a neurologist in Feburary for a second oppion, I will check board ad be in touch.:angel:cathy71

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