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Shaky & confused
Feb 1, 2008
I dont know what it is but I have noticed and other people too have noticed that my head shakes, but only when I am nervous. I have anxiety and when I get really really nervous my head starts unvoluntarily shaking, I have no control over it until I can calm myself down, or until I feel comfortable. I cant stand it anymore, I have tried some natural remedies like L-Theanine drops with a cup of green tea 2-3 times daily, it helps a little but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of what may be going on with me?
The shakiness happens ONLY when I get nervous..otherwise my head is perfectly still. I never used to shake before, until shortly after a car accident about 3 or four years ago, could it be from the whiplash that gave me a neck problem? or is it in my brain and all of the negative thoughts that cause the anxiety which then result in the head shaking im confused!!!!!!!!!

Also, my mom has a ton of medical problems- head tremors(All of the time), bad balance, slow speech, she just got a hearing aid for her right ear and has ringing in her ear. She also has trouble getting the food into her mouth and writing. Her problems slowly got worse over the past few years, She also has mini-strokes/dizzy spells where her eyes roll to the back of her head-she loses control of all muscles and will fall if she cant grab onto something-they only last a couple seconds-it happens every once in awhile now, but used to only happen when she got up really fast from sitting down, now it happens even when shes sitting down or walking- so she cant drive anymore. She now suffers night and day with chronic neck and shoulder pain she rates the pain a 10, you can just see it in her face, somedays shes in and out of the hot shower because it helps the pain a little bit, shes on cymbalta which she takes once in the morning and it doesnt seem to help much. The doctors cant figure it out they thought it was Ataxia and found out it wasnt shes also been tested for ms & parkinsons and its not that either! Its so frustrating. I dont have any of those problems except the shakiness when im nervous.

Any ideas of what it is or what can help? Any response will be appreciated...

]Thank you all who took the time to read this. I am young only 22yrs old and have a whole life in head of me..I find it hard to want to go out and live my life and do the things I love to do because of the shakiness. Please help!!

Even if you have any ideas of what my mom has, or what she can do for the pain...becasue that seems to be the worst of her problems right now.

Thanks again for reading this.

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