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Whoo boy. I had originally posted here quite a while back when symptoms were going full force and went to multiple doctors including neurologists and nerve clinics. Other than finding that I have a Chiari I malformation of 6 mm they didn't find anything (luckily) MS was suspected at first but no white matter was found. Nerves were pristine. I have been going to an Oral Surgeon for the last 4 or so months in case my issues were TMJ related (very minor TMJ) and the meds I have been on have helped some but mostly seem to mask the nerve issues rather than cure the problem which led me back to this forum.

My question is this. I have taken Valium for muscle spasms and that combined with Ibuprofen help quite a bit. I just hate taking the Valium because it makes me a tad groggy. If a muscle relaxer like Valium helps, does that mean that it is not likely Chiari? Or does it just mean that it helps with Chiari related symptoms?

I don't know of any good Chiari Neuros here in town that I can go to but will be checking into that shortly. My Neuro said he didn't think my symptoms were related... :confused:

I would rather it be something simple like muscle issues which are more easily treatable (rather than brain surgery!!!) but I have had this for over a year now and my quality of life is suffering greatly. I can't focus at work, I am tired all the time, I have trouble lifting my baby etc.

Symptoms include:

Pain/Pressure at base of scalp (moreso with bending or straining)
Tingling at base over top of scalp
Numbness/weakness/coldness in arms and hands
Double Vision (mostly in right eye)
Eye twitching
muscle twitching in head/neck
General fatigue
neck/head cracks LOUDLY when I tilt back and turn

I have also noticed an increase in Restless Leg and had a drop attack the other day on the stairs (with baby in hand!!!) Luckily I caught myself but wrenched my thigh muscle in the process. Talk about scary. My husband was there to see it too and he nearly had a heart attack. ugh.

I'm at a loss anyways. Chiari or no Chiari...

At least it is better than it was a year ago. I ended up in the ER with panic attack at that time! Those have gone away thank goodness.

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