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I was diagnosed with a chiari I malformation last year via MRI. Initially, when I had the MRI done in Aug 2006, I had severe headaches and double vision. My eye doctor thought it was a brain tumor, given the location of my headaches and severity. The MRI did not show a brain tumor, thank goodness. However, it did show a pituitary enlargement AND a chiari I malformation. No one said too much about the chiari on the initial MRI, and on the second, which was ordered to monitor the pituitary, the neurologist I consulted with said most of these are discovered by accident and not to worry.

I had eye surgery last June and that seemed to take care of the double vision and headaches. It was a muscle imbalance in the eye. I also have a history of vertigo and now have had pretty significant hearing loss in my R ear.

Well, my ENT ordered an MRI to rule out tumors on the auditory nerve given the asymmetrical hearing loss in a short time (My last hearing test was a few years ago). The MRI came back ok for the nerve tumors, but I learned from the MRI report that my right tonsil (where a tonsil here means part of brain) extends almost 7 mm below the foramen magnum, which is consistent with a CIM.

I am trying to figure out if this is significant, especially about the 7 mm. Either it was not that noticeable on the first MRI, or it grew. Is that possible? I feel kind of alone in wondering what course of action is necessary

Any input is welcome!


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