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my mom has been suffering from partial numbness in her head, it all started back in jan 2005, when my mom had pneumonia, around april she experienced this weird sensation in her head, she felt like her hair were really tightly pulled back and also like somone is drilling into her mom kept prolonging her trip to the doctor, anyways finally she went to an orthopaedic doctor, who told her that evrything's fine, she then went to the ENT, he cleaned the wax in her ear and did an xray for the ear and an xray for synus,evrything was clear, hearing was perfect, she told me that previously she was experiencing this pain in her right side of the body, after visiting the ENT, she told me that this right bodily pain vanished for a few days so she felt better. the pneumonia also affected her right lung. in 2001 my mom also had pneumonia with a kidney infection alongwith it. the kidney infection was on her right her current feeling is that there is this numbness on the right side of her head and this pain is on and off, it comes and goes.

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