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Mine hurt!
Feb 13, 2008
Hi I'm Nadine. It's funny that you guys are talking about hearts, pounding heads when laying down, it doesn't hurt. I wish that's all it was. For the past week I've had these pulses in my head that go for like a second. It travels in different spot and they hurt like hell for that one second. Now it's in one spot my only relief is to go to sleep. It travels around my ears, now it's triggering my right arm from shoulder down I can barely type.

Well, I am in the military and will recently be assigned to an assignment which no one wants. The person chosen first had some type of medical issues. What a mess. How could this thing happen all of the sudden? I've had it before but not as much. No one knows what I'm talking about. I hate to look as though I am trying to get out of this assignment. Honestly I didn't want it but I was ready to do what's required of me because I truly believe in Honor, courage, and commitment. The way it looks, I've had it with this thing. I've never had a back problem but now it's putting a lot of pressure on my upper back. I'll have to go to medical tomorrow.

I'm hoping I wake tomorrow without this thing. Maybe it's just a result of stress. Later.

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