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I'm totally new here and have already messed up trying to reply to you, i sent it to someone else, but here goes.
I think you might possibly have MS, i was diagnosed with it 8yrs ago after being ill for over 17yrs.
I had severe migraine, and shooting pains in my head and left eye.
I was told the deep white matter that showed up on my brain MRI was nothing and that a lot of people had it, but i wasn't satisified and phoned a radiologist i knew who said that the only reason deep white matter would show up on a brain scan was if the person had MS.
So if i was you i'd ask your Neurologist to give you a lumbor puncture(it's not bad) and then you could know for sure if you had MS or not.
Don't mean to alarm you but when i read your post it was like reading about myself, i also had a lot of lower back pain and dizziness and can't move my neck to the left without feeling dizzy due to a genetic condition but i can't remember the name of it, but it can lead to a brain haemarrage. Hope you get the answers your looking for.
Take care of yourself.

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