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I have been suffering with a bunch of stuff for 5 years now...and things get worse, never better. Here is just SOME of my symptoms:

* Lightheadedness, Dizziness, Feeling like I am constantly going to pass out - They have diagnosed me with POTS @ Mayo (I also have Addison's Disease)
* Vision issues - sometimes double vision...sometimes i just lose it for a few seconds.
* Back/neck issues - I hit my head on a closet FOUR years ago and I have to have Botox shots done every wks to stop the severe cramping and headaches (I guess an occipital nerve issue according to the doc).
* I just developed what they think MAY be TMJ - severe pain in my left ear, pain along the left side of my face and down my neck on that side.
* Numbness/no feeling - I have completely lost feeling and ability to move my arm a few times...also my legs have done this.
* Chest Pain/Pressure - which at this time the are contributing it to GERD plus gastric motility issues
* Contast pain/pressure at the base of my head - which I go to the chiro to to try to adjust it since it hurts
* I am starting to get little hand tremors to the point I cannot do small hand coordination things anymore.
* Insomnia
* Loudness sensitivity
* Poor circulation in my hands/feet
* Major nausea - I haven't eatten in the past 2 weeks - I have lost 15 lbs so far - but is this due to the stomach, GERD issue? Who knows.
* Intense sweating at night
* I get very large bruises out of no where - They covered both of the back of my legs last year and look like I got beat with a baseball bat.
* I get facial numbness, first it was on just the right side and now it is also the left, but they are attributing that to the TMJ.

There are more, too many to list here at this point. I have had 2 MRIs...they note that I only have a 2mm drop. My internal medicine doc thinks that Chiari could be a diagnosis...however, my Neurologist and the MRI reading doc say that that minor of a drop would not make a diagnosis of Chiari. We have been trying to figure this out for years. Other than the Addison's blood test, all others come out fine. They have also told me that there is a TINY bulge in the C5-C7 area - nothing that should be causing the neck pain I am having.

I sent the info to a clinic in NY and they said make an appt as they think that they can help. I live a ways away to make the trip so I am wondering if I should go. They want to do an invasive cervical traction. My doc says that he is concerned about sending me out there to do something do drastic. So, at this point, they have kinda dismissed the whole Chiari thing, but geez, it sounds so much like it.

Anyway...I was hoping that maybe someone else could give me thier opinion on what they would do or what they think this all could be. I have had enough of feeling like this. If this is something that could possibly be fixable, I want to know about it.

Thanks for your help!

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