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I'm a 15 year old female and i am perfectly healthy, but

I've been having headaches for the past 13 months now
I have about 5 a day and they usually last 2 hours or more
For the past 13 months i have been going to the doctors at least 3 times a month about it, but all they seem to do is give me migraine tablets, then take me back off them, then give me some more.
They have ran some blood tests and nothing appeared apart from my red blood cells were quite big which indicates vitamin deficiency, but i had more tests which showed i didn't have that.

I have a lot of pressure in my eyes and ears also, like something is pressing on my face. When i look up, down, left or right too fast i have flashes of dizziness that last a split-second. I also get very hot at night, whether i am in bed or not, and whether the heating is on or not.
The doctors have told me that they do not believe i suffer from migraine attacks because typically a migraine is at the back of the head, whereas my headaches occur mainly in my eyes and temples.
I get extreme ringing in my ears a lot, usually in one more than the other and it is very loud - so loud that i cannot hear anything over it. When i wake up in the mornings i have quieter ringing in both of my ears and my ears always feel like they have popped

i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what this could be, because the doctors really aren't doing anything about it

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